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I am a Plymouth resident and have lived in Plymouth my whole life, I was even born at Jordan hospital and had both of my son's there as well. I am a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) and Reiki practitioner. I practice and teach out of Graham Chiropractic Center on Long pond Rd. On the second Saturday of each month from 10am to 12pm I hold a Reiki share where people can come and experience a 10 minute session.I am a 2011 Graduate of Curry College with a BA in Psychology.I have assisted with a few fundraiser in town. I help raise $2,000.00 for my graduating class for scholarships for the Plymouth graduating classes of 2009. I have also assisted with three of Jeff Cohen's fund raising events. It is something that I feel I am good at and it makes me feel good to be of assistance to make a difference for others.My favorite place in Plymouth is Plymouth Long Beach. I love to sit and enjoy the sea air, read good books on spiritualism and even meditate there.My future goal is to open and run a place for adolescents and adults to assist them with issues and help them achieve their goals in life. At this point this is just an idea and I know that it will change and morph into more. I welcome anyone to assist me with ideas and or assistance.Thank you!Kristen Crociati
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