Aaron Sewell
Aaron Sewell is a freelance writer for Patch who has a strong love of sports and food. He grew up playing hockey in the Atlanta area beginning when he was 7 years old. While earning his degree at Kennesaw State University, he worked as a cook and a bartender at Dave's Neighborhood Grille and Molly Malone's (currently called Legacy Grille) where he learned the ways of the kitchen and began loving to cook. He has also worked with the Atlanta Thrashers performing community relations.
Aaron was born in Seattle, WA. He lived there for about a year an a half until moving to Westchester County, NY. In 1990, he moved to Marietta and eventually, in 1996, moved to Kennesaw. Sewell spent 2.5 years at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo before returning back to Kennesaw in 2004.   In his spare time, Aaron likes to play the guitar, listen to music, play golf, and watch sports. His family consists of his parents, Marc and Laura, and his brother, Dan, who is 26 (as of Nov. 2010). 
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