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Suzanne O’Rourke, LocalChatBox.com walking the shoes of PestPlus owner Scott Linde

"HEY SUZ- Walk in MY Shoes"     

Wednesday February 20, 2013

Before I even start, I need to preface with, anyone that knows me is now LAUGHING as they picture me spending the day walking in the shoes of an exterminator.   Feel free to keep your funny comments to yourself!! ha-ha. I'm a bug-a-phobic! 

Today I put on my sneakers and walked in the shoes of Scott Linde, owner of PestPlus.  Scott has over 25 years experience in his field.   He specializes in "bed bug treatments" as well as he offers exterminator services for: Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Rats, Mice, Silverfish, Spring tails, Centipedes, Millipedes, Mites, Carpenter Bees, Termites, Wasps, Hornets, Bees, Indian Meal Moths, Webbing Cloth Moths, and more. No job is too small or too big for PestPlus.

He services all of Central NJ including South Brunswick, North Brunswick, Princeton, Plainsboro and more.  He does residential and commercial jobs. 

Scott's background was with the UPS Postal Service.   Over 25 years ago he picked up a side job on Saturdays after answering an ad with a local exterminator.   Eventually he stopped working for UPS and began working full time as an exterminator.   

A little side note: Per Scott the most common mistake homeowners make is that they freak out and overreact and end up spraying too much stuff or the wrong stuff and then they have to "wait" to treat the problem the correct way.  Best advice, call an exterminator before using anything!


My Day Begins

At 10:00am I met Scott.  He told me about the book he has written that's sold on Amazon "Bite Back! A No Nonsense Guide To Beating Bed Bugs at Their Own Game".  His second book is coming out in March "Confessions of A Bed Bug Killer)

Scott and I headed to a job where we were told there was "bed bugs" in the son's bedroom.  The mother of the 17 year old told Scott that her son was all "bit up." Scott and I went in to inspect. I have to be honest I was feeling a bit "scared" about seeing and/or leaving with bed bugs!  The mother said that they had thrown out the son's mattress but the girls bed which was right next to it was still there.  Scott and I began the inspection. 

He took off the sheets and covers and then inspected the beds in the house, including moms and the younger son's.  I helped a bit as I felt more confident that neither of us was seeing any sign of "bed bugs."  Scott was educating me along the way.

Scott's feeling was that the son must have something other than "bed bug bites" and that they should have the son checked by a doctor.  There was no evidence of bed bugs in the house (OMG- I exhaled and breathed a sigh of relief!!)

Scott has over 25 years of knowledge and common sense. He is fully trained and licensed.  He stands behind his work.  All of his chemicals are both child and pet friendly.  


Here's something that I learned that I thought would be helpful to share.

According to Scott the biggest sign that the son's bites were not due to bed bugs was because the daughters bed (which was in the same room as the son who claimed bed bugs) had no infestation.  He said that her bed would have had some bugs due to the fact that they are in the same room and 9 times out 10 bed bugs will go to a girl first before a boy.  

Second House Call

The second house call was a repeat customer.  The customer had claimed they had seen bugs.  Scott's team had put down "Glue Traps."  And upon inspection the traps had caught cockroaches.  Now that Scott knew what they were dealing with they were able to treat the problem effectively.   


Does the Shoe Fit?

If I'm being 100% honest this shoe DID NOT FIT!!  I could not do this job, but I am forever grateful that there are people like Scott who can do it, because if I see a creepy crawler or rodent I know who to call!   When I got home I had an action plan.  I had left an empty garbage bag and a fresh change of clothes in the garage.  I stripped down, totally changed, bagged up the clothes and brought them straight to the washing machine.  Scott said in over 3,000 jobs he has never brought anything home!! God bless you Scott.....  but I gotta be honest.... my fear is that I'm going to be itching and dreaming about bugs for a few days.


Thank you PestPlus for allowing me to  "Walk in Your Shoes!"

Written By:

Suzanne O’Rourke


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