St. A's Celebrates Catholic Schools Week

St. Augustine of Canterbury School recognizes 50th anniversary in Catholic education.

By Maureen Quigley

The faculty and staff of St. Augustine of Canterbury School in Kendall Park prepared for weeks for the annual Catholic Schools Week. 

This year has greater significance, as the school denotes the 50th anniversary in Catholic education. The students began each day with a keynote speaker; a graduate from each decade since the 1960’s. 

Faculty and students wore the attire of the given decade while learning about historical events, inventions, economics and music genre. Mid-week was enjoyed with a celebratory luncheon. 

Each student invited his or her VIP to share lunch and witness the pride of Catholic teachings at St. A’s.  The week continued in commemoration of career day.  The students listened attentively to invited guests and the diverse categories of professions and vocations.   

The students were captivated with enthusiasm as our Pastor, Father Bob Lynam, shared his journey to priesthood. The week concluded with a challenge to all students encapsulating both logical and critical thinking. 

Students worked in groups to create an air-powered car, using basic materials, such as straws and paper clips.  Teamwork resulted in success and achievement for all!

The faculty, staff and students of St. Augustine School were rejuvenated in mind and spirit.  A new academic quarter begins for St. Augustine School, and all are prepared to embrace the excellence of Catholic education.   


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