South Brunswick Women's Leadership Conference Returns March 16

The 16th Annual Women's Leadership Conference and Career Pathways will provide young South Brunswick girls with a chance to meet professional women in a variety of occupations.

The South Brunswick Commission on Women will hold it's 16th event that shapes the next generation of young female leaders with the upcoming Women's Leadership Conference and Career Pathways event.

The annual conference was started by former South Brunswick Mayor Deborah Johnson to develop leadership skills and promote educational and career opportunities for female students in grades 8 through 12.

The keynote speaker will be Susan Miller, AVP, L'Oreal.  The conference is being held on Saturday, March 16th at the South Brunswick High School from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  There is no fee to attend the conference and breakfast and lunch are included.

The conference will include a variety of different panels, including sessions on Business, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Legal, Pharmacy, Computer Tech, Visual and Art Design, Communications and Journalism, and more.

To register, please fill out the online registration form at https://sites.google.com/site/sbcw2013reg.  

It must be completed online or returned to the SPS at the SBHS by March 1, 2013.

Panel description with information regarding speakers in the past years

Session 1

Communications and Journalism: Past speakers in this workshop were newspaper editors, public relations officers, reporters, news anchors etc. You can find out about gathering and reporting information of local and global interest in different forms of media.

Date Rape/Sexual Harassment: This is an educational workshop bringing awareness to issues related to Date Rape and Sexual Harassment by learning what to do to seek help from both medical and legal viewpoints. The panel is usually staffed by professionals such as Sexual Assault Nurse, Investigator from a Prosecutor’s Office, Sex Crimes Prosecutor, Domestic Violence Response Team Coordinator etc.

Early Education: In this panel we plan to provide an inside view point about what a K-8 teacher’s day is like and what training and education one requires in order to establish a career in this field. You will hear anecdotal experiences from elementary and middle school teachers, principals, etc.

High School and Beyond: This panel will be run by current high school students. This is intended to be an informative session on transition to high school, time management, extra curricular activities and a tour of the school.

Law Enforcement: This is to open the window into the world of law enforcement. Officer from the South Brunswick Police Department, New Jersey State Trooper, FBI agent etc, Investigator from a Prosecutor’s Office might be present as speakers.

Owning Your Own Business: In the past this panel consisted of business owners from Comfocare Senior Services, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Distinctive Design, Absolute Green and Salon 171. The focus will be challenges of owning your own business and marketing your products.

Pharmacy: In this panel we include licensed pharmacists, pharmaceutical research scientists and people working in pharmaceutical labs as speakers to share their experiences and also go over the training and education required to succeed in this field.

Session 2

Act Like a Lady: Questioning Media, Challenging Society, Breaking the Box: This is an educational workshop aimed to give young women the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a woman today. Through discussion, the viewing of media examples, and an activity called “Gender Boxes,” participants will explore our society’s expectations of women. Additionally, the workshop will demonstrate the media’s impact on these expectations, how these expectations are linked to issues women deal with (such as poor body image and violence), as well as how we can respond to these expectations.

Allied Health: Careers include Physical Therapists, Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice Nurse, Radiological Techs, Paramedic, E.M.T., Surgical Assistant, Hygienist etc. If you are thinking of being in the healthcare field, but not necessarily want to be a physician, this workshop of related professions would be a good workshop for you.

Economics/Finance/Accounting: Speakers include auditors from State of NJ, Division of Taxation, certified professional accountants, bankers as well as accountants in large accounting firms.

Emerging Computing Technologies: In this panel you will hear from practitioners from state-of-the-art computing technology areas such as Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Mobile Computing and much more. You will also meet professionals from traditional software development areas.

Health Professions: This panel will introduce you to physicians, psychologists, chiropractors or dentists with different practice specialties including those in medicine and surgery. We have had internal medicine, general practice, ob-gyn, critical care, pulmonology, sleep, emergency room, etc. physicians and dentists.

Legal Professions: This workshop includes attorneys who practice in diverse areas of the law including – a Judge from NJ Superior Court, corporate attorney, government attorneys or attorneys in private practices. Visual Art and Design: This panel may include visual artists, graphic artists, fashion designers, architects, design directors.

Tugwalla February 28, 2013 at 02:54 AM
Hmmmm.....I checked my calendar and didn't see when the South Brunswick Men's Leadership Conference will be held....does anyone know when it will be held?


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