New Rules Continue Shift in What State Requires for Educator Training

Education department updates guidelines for devising professional development plans for teachers and administrators

By John Mooney, Courtesy of NJ Spotlight

New guidelines for ongoing training of principals and superintendents – including a revised chain of command for who signs off on the professional development plans -- were sent to school districts yesterday by the state Department of Education.

It’s the latest step in the state’s move toward revamping the way it monitors its teachers and school administrators, both in how they are evaluated and how they receive ongoing training. In mid-November, the state also released guidelines for professional development requirements for teachers, including those deemed in need of “corrective action plans” under the new evaluations required in the state’s tenure-reform law, TEACHNJ.

For both teachers and administrators, the latest guidelines provide few surprises, as many of the changes were included in new regulations approved by the State Board of Education earlier this year. The most notable change for teachers is a move away from the state’s decade-old requirement of 100 hours of approved professional development every five years.

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