Constable Kids Show Brain Power

PTO-sponsored assembly program helps kids blow off steam while learning in anticipation of the NJ ASK exams.

With the grind of the NJ ASK exams looming, students at Constable Elementary School took some time out last week to blow off some steam, while showing off their brainpower in the process. For the second straight year, the Constable PTO brought in an assembly program called “The Brain Show,” a colorful high-energy game show.

"The Brain Show gives them experience working to answer questions with a time limit and they get to have fun while doing it," said Principal Suzanne Luck-Born. "It's unique because it involves the entire audience and keeps their interest. Plus it relaxes them. If they feel the pressure of the NJ ASK coming, this is a nice break for them."

With music blasting and dancing required after each right answer, the program tested students on general knowledge and questions similar to what may appear on the NJ ASK. As kids were called up to the front of the gym in front of three game show-style podiums, the students in the audience screamed jubilantly with each right answer, followed by group dancing.

"This program forces them to think and work as a team during a high-energy performance," said PTO Co-President Dana Miller. "My child loves watching her teachers get on stage, smile and have a good time. They love seeing their classmates up there and they have such a great time. Plus they get something out of it."

Fifth-grader Madison Ianniello said she enjoyed watching her teachers get in on the action.

"It was really fun and we were all laughing. The best part was when one of my teachers got up there and refused to do any dance moves," she said. "They were going to award more points if she danced, so that was really funny."

Madison's mom, PTO Co-President Megan Ianniello said the strength of the program is that kids are learning without even realizing it.

"This was a great way to relieve tension and a good way to prepare for the NJ ASK," she said. "It gives them an understanding that these are the types of questions they'll get and there's a time limit to work out the answer. It's funny, my kids both came home so excited, but they didn't realize they were learning. So this uses learning in a fun way."


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