South Brunswick Cricket Fields Nearing Completion

Two township cricket fields to meet the demands of sport exploding in popularity.

With a rising demand from an ever-growing sport, South Brunswick Township will soon offer fields dedicated specifically to cricket. 

Work is continuing to convert two fields located at Broadway Road and Friendship Road. The $50,000 project was paid for by an open space grant from Middlesex County.

"The final seeding is taking place and after that we will install the actual pitches," said Public Affairs Coordinator Ron Schmalz. "We do have some cricket being played behind (Canon U.S.A), but we wanted to take an actual area and put in two brand new fields that we know will be heavily used. Otherwise it has to be played on real baseball fields, which are not conducive to cricket."

Cricket is a bat and ball game featuring two teams with 11 players on the field. At the center of the field is a 22-yard long pitch. Runs are scored by the batsman hitting the ball and then running to the opposite end of the pitch and touching the crease without being dismissed. 

"Cricket is extremely popular in the East Asian and Indian communities and even with other communities," Schmalz said. "We know these fields will be in use and there was a big demand for it in South Brunswick."

At the last council meeting, township Recreation Director Tom Morris said there are currently 15 to 20 cricket groups in the township eagerly awaiting the completion of the new fields.

"There is definitely a high demand with all of the cricket leagues currently playing in South Brunswick," Schmalz said. "We hope to have the seeding completed and the pitches put in later this year."


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