Final Cleanup of Sandy Aftermath in South Brunswick

Township completing removal of trees that fell in non-troublesome areas during last year's storm.

After a massive cleanup effort from October's massive Hurricane Sandy, the township recently began to remove the final remnants of the devastating storm. 

After extensive recovery efforts while finishing fall leaf collection delayed by Sandy, South Brunswick public works moved on to removing trees that fell from the storm, but didn't cause any significant safety or transportational hazards for residents.

Public works cleared about 400 fallen trees and reopened 65 roads that were closed due to downed trees and utility poles following the storm.

Public works then moved on to cleaning up storm debris, as approximately 20,000 yards of brush was removed following the storm. By comparison, Hurricane Irene in 2011 resulted in 8,000 yards of brush removed.

Public works was finally able to resume leaf collection last month.

"In Kendall Park there are still some trees that are down," said Public Affairs Coordinator Ron Schmalz. "Mainly, trees that fell between the sidewalk and curb, so we'll go out there and try to clean the rest of those up."


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