Interactive Map: New Jersey Income Taxes

In Middlesex County, we mailed in an average $1,587 to the NJ government.

Last Tuesday was tax day, one of the most universally hated days of the year by citizens.

But the New Jersey government loves it. Or, at least, needs it.

NJ Spotlight’s latest interact map looks at the tax stats -- the number of returns, total income and the change from 2008, taxable income, the total tax liability and average incomes and tax bills per return and per capita.

Read the story here and use the map to learn more.

Here are Middlesex County's numbers:

Middlesex County
Returns: 357,347
Total Income: $23,674,151,500
Change from 2008: $(314,837,500)
Percent change: -1.3%
Taxable Income: $20,857,991,800
Tax Charged: $567,149,700
Average Total Income: $66,250
Average Taxable Income: $58,369
Average Net Tax: $1,587
Total Income Per Capita: $29,761
Net Charged Tax Per Capita: $715


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