Victim in Fatal Ridge Road Motorcycle Accident Identified

A South Brunswick man was killed when the motorcycle he was driving was cut off by another vehicle causing a collision, according to police.

South Brunswick Police have released the identity of the township man killed earlier this week in a motorcyle accident on Ridge Road.

The victim was identified as Sukhdev Singh, 50, of South Brunswick.

Singh, a a systems analyst, was driving to work in Neptune when the fatal collision occurred at the intersection of Ridge Road and Docks Corner Road.

At 6:10 a.m. on Monday, Eric Sime, 49, of Wayne Township, was stopped at the intersection of Docks Corner Road and Ridge Road waiting to make a left hand turn and head west on Ridge, according to police.

Sime then pulled out and cut off Singh's motorcycle, which caused the fatal crash, said police spokesman Sgt. Jim Ryan.

Sime was issued summonses for failure to stop and yield at a stop sign and for obstructing the passage of another vehicle.

Singh leaves behind a wife and four children.


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BOB LECH September 27, 2012 at 02:17 PM
The driver of the car kills the person on the motorcycle and receives a summonses for failure to stop and yield at a stop sign and for obstructing the passage of another vehicle. This is why I gave up motorcycles. People just run the biker down then say they never saw the biker. People who drive cars should first be told they have to drive a motorcycle for a full year then the'll see what bikers put up with
7 out September 28, 2012 at 09:33 AM
Sorry to hear such a tragic story. A family loses a father because of negligence. I would never ride a motorcycle in this state. Too many people killed needlessly due to overcrowded roads and careless drivers
Tami Hunter October 26, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Bob, as someone who lived with a "biker" for many, many years until he was killed by another "biker" who ran into him from behind, forcing him into an oncoming mini-van, I can honestly say that I have seen people on motorcycles do some seriously stupid things, including dangerous and continuous lane changing on the freeway while going way to fast. I know a guy, or should I say USED to know a guy who was killed on one of those "crotch rockets" who was going to fast to realize that the vehicle in front of him was NOT moving at all. When I lived in Kansas, my neighbors were driving down I-70 when two people on a bike ( they were actually with a group of bikers who were heading home from an ABATE rally, go figure ) drifted into their lane causing a head-on collision that totaled their vehicle and SERIOUSLY hurt them ( many broken bones ) and killed the two people on the bike, and my brother also witnessed a "biker" run a car full of children off the road because, of all things, a bee went up his nose, causing him to lose control of the bike. Thankfully, all injuries were minor but it COULD have been worse. Me? because I grew up on motorcycles, I KNOW to watch out for them and that includes watching out for the imbecile riders. So you see, motorcycles are also dangerous to drivers of vehicles. Everyone, INCLUDING bikers, needs to be careful and watchful and dive or ride slowly ( within the speed limit ) and cautiously. Life is short enough..
Lauren C. November 05, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Tami Hunter, I dont think its your place to say anything about bikers. You cant generalize all bikers. I am telling you this because I know Sukhdev Singh. He was a very careful man. He drove properly always. His death was caused by Eric Sime. I also witness the accident that day. Eric Sime did not care about Sukhdev Singh at all. He just said he didnt see him. I find it ironic how the township took care of Eric Sime and taken him to the hostipal when Sukhdev Singh wasnt even considered. GOD PLEASE HELP THE FAMILY OF SUKHDEV SINGH!


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