Two Jersey City Men Charged With Series of Burglaries

Suspects allegedly broke into homes on Yarrow Circle and Friendship Road, telling police they thought houses off of Exit 8A look nice.

South Brunswick Police charged two Jersey City men in a series of burglaries authorities believe were fueled by drugs.

Nicholas Hall, 24, and Hossam Ebraheem, 19, were charged with three counts of burglary after police recovered $12,000 worth of items the duo allegedly stole.

On Wednesday at around 3:30 p.m., a Yarrow Circle resident was working upstairs in his home when he heard someone come in the front door. The homeowner told officers he believed it was a family member and continued working upstairs. Several minutes later the homeowner walked into his hallway and heard a male suspect yell to another that they had to leave. Both suspects fled from the home as the resident walked down the stairs. 

Police were also contacted by another resident of Yarrow Circle who reported coming home and finding both of the suspects in her home. She told officers the men said they were looking for a friend and left. The resident then discovered items had been stolen from her home.  

Another burglary was reported around the same time on Friendship Road, where a resident noticed jewelry and electronics had been stolen. 

Later on Wednesday, police received a phone call from a Georges road resident reporting a vehicle driving slowly through their neighborhood. Detectives Roger Tuohy and Ken Herman soon spotted the suspect vehicle, a gold 1996 Acura.

The detectives conducted a motor vehicle stop and observed Hall allegedly try to hide jewelry under his front seat. A subsequent investigation recovered three jewelry boxes, a laptop computer, and iPad, gold and silver coins, a Cannon power shot camera, a Garmin GPS, and a pair of eyeglasses from the vehicle.

Investigators were able to link the items to burglaries that occurred in South Brunswick during the day. 

Police said the suspects are heroin users who targeted South Brunswick because they thought the houses off exit 8A of the NJ Turnpike "look nice." All of the items reported stolen were recovered.

Hall and Ebraheem were lodged at the Middlesex County Correction Center in lieu of $40,000 bail. 

“The resident who made the call of the suspicious vehicle had no idea about the burglaries but felt comfortable enough to call us with their observations," said Chief Raymond Hayducka. "The plainclothes detectives were in the right area and captured the suspects. This case highlights our partnership with community in combating crime.”


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