Total Crime Statistics Fall in South Brunswick Last Year

Burglaries down in South Brunswick last year, despite recent spike.

Crime in South Brunswick dropped by 7.3 percent last year, according to data released by State Police as part of the annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR), despite a recent string of burglaries that hit Kendall Park at the end of the year.

Total crime reports in 2013—though the numbers are unofficial and not listed as verified—were down from 2012's total, with nearly every category seeing some kind of reduction.

"We are proud of our efforts, but we will continue to work hard to further reduce crime," said Chief Raymond Hayducka. "The credit goes to the dedicated men and woman that serve the residents and to the elected officials that ensure we have the necessary staffing and equipment to accomplish our mission."

South Brunswick's Crime Index Total dropped from 552 in 2012 to 534 in 2013, which brings the total lower than it was in 2011, at 537. Non-violent crime dropped from 518 incidents in 2012 to 504 incidents in 2013.

Violent crime fell from 34 incidents in 2012 to 30 incidents in 2013.

Despite a rash of burglaries that hit the township during the holidays, the total number of burglaries declined from 108 in 2012 to 73 in 2013. Since December, 13 burglaries were reported in Kendall Park, including a holiday burglary where Christmas presents were stolen from a township home. 

Patrols were increased in the affected areas, which led to several arrests, according to police.

Incidents of assault and simple assault dropped from 158 in 2012 to 123 last year.

Motor vehicle theft dropped from 38 incidents in 2012 to 28 incidents in 2013.

The only categories that saw an increase last year were robbery, which had a slight bump from seven incidents in 2012 to eight incidents last year, and larceny, which jumped 372 incidents in 2012 to 403 incidents in 2013.

South Brunswick's percentage of offenses cleared from the total number of crimes came in at 29.4 percent, which was ranked 9th overall in Middlesex County. 


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