Suspicious Vehicle Incident Reported on Kory Drive

Motorist asked three students if they wanted candy as he drove by on Kory Drive.

Following an incident where the driver of a suspicious vehicle made remarks to three students walking home from school last week, South Brunswick Police are urging parents to review basic safety tips with their kids. 

At 3:15 p.m. last Friday, three students were walking on Kory Drive when a vehicle passed by as the driver asked the kids if they wanted candy. Police said the car then drove off and there was no additional interaction between the students and the occupants of the car.

The car was reported as being a silver or blue four-door vehicle, with two occupants. The occupants were said to both be males in their 20’s. One of them was described as a white male and the other was described as having olive skin.

Police searched the area but were unable to locate the vehicle or any additional witnesses. 

“In this case it is unknown exactly what the motives may have been for the people in the car, but what was important is that the children reported the incident immediately," said Chief Raymond Hayducka. "We are going to add extra patrols in the area while we investigate the matter."

The incident remains under investigation, however police urge all parents and students to review basic safety tips when walking to and from school.

Tips for Walking to School 

*Children Who Walk to School 

Develop a buddy system for walking to an from school. Students should never walk alone. Always walk in groups with at least two or three other students. 

*Be Alert 

Students should report anyone suspicious to school personnel or the police. 

*Important Phone Numbers 

Be sure your children know their home phone number and address, your work and pager number and the number of another trusted adult. Put a cared with this information in their backpack and/or shoe. Make sure each child has change for a phone call or carries a telephone calling card. 

*After School Phone Call 

If you work late, have your children call you as soon as they arrive at home after school. 


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