South Brunswick Discusses Transportation For Seniors And The Disabled

Posted by Brenda Stolyar

South Brunswick Council members said this week they fully support the idea of providing curb-to-curb service for senior citizens and the disabled, but they're not able to legally insure it.

At their regular meeting, they said they have instead provided a $6,000 stipend that will provide the senior citizen center with enough money to lease a car for the curb-to-curb service. 

One member in the audience also spoke out about the curb-to-curb service that was proposed for both senior citizens and the disabled at the council meeting prior. 

As a mother of a son with Aspergers, the woman said that transportation stops are limited for the disabled and that there needs to be a larger discussion on how to expand the services to other towns.

She had also stated that curb-to-curb service can enable youths to become more active within the township allowing them access to more jobs as well as field trips. This can aid in keeping teens out of trouble by encouraging them to travel more often. 

Eric May 10, 2014 at 02:20 AM
This has been a joke since day 1. SMART bus? Broken promises to those that had high hopes for decent transportation. How sad...like Mr McQueen said... "another waste of money"
Jacqueline Rubel May 10, 2014 at 06:28 PM
These comments confirm there are misconceptions about 1. what is proposed; 2 who is making the request; 3 why there is such a proposal. The Transportation reports from the April and May council meetings appear to have generated misunderstandings especially as to who has made the request; it's is NOT for or by the Senior Center; the service is not an extension of or associated with the SMART bus; finally AND THE KEY!!!! the request made and the need for ongoing review and discussion specifically to improve/to correct the very issues raised. The Aging in Place PARTNERSHIP, the non profit 0rganization who has lead the way in attempting to remedy some of the issues raised in the comments, welcomes all interested in sharing ideas and concerns and to work to make things better. Interested? Contact AIPP at AgingInPlaceAdvocate@verizon.org Thank you.


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