Police Issue Alert After String of Overnight Burglaries

Four burglaries have taken place over the last six weeks to occupied homes during overnight hours.

South Brunswick Police have issued an alert urging residents to make sure their doors are locked at night after a recent string of overnight burglaries. Four residential burglaries have taken place in occupied homes during the last six weeks.

“This type of crime is highly unusual for our community and that is why I authorized the alert be issued," said Chief Raymond Hayducka. "I ask residents to be attentive to any unusual activity in the overnight hours. This may include motion lighting coming on for no reason or unusual noises.” 

The burglaries have taken place in different sections of South Brunswick, with the most recent break in occurring off of Kendall Road early Sunday morning. Police are coordinating with other local law enforcement agencies to gather additional information. 

Burglaries were reported on April 17 and 18 off Deans Lane, April 22 and 23 off Route 27, April 26 and 27 off Raymond Road, and May 20 off Kendall Road

Police spokesman Sgt. Jim Ryan said the suspect appears to be targeting items in close proximity to the rear sliding glass door, which have included laptops and purses.

The suspect in each of the burglaries was able to gain entry to the residences through unlocked sliding glass doors at the rear of the homes. 

Residents are urged to make sure their doors are locked and to report any suspicious activity.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sgt. Jim Ryan or Sgt. John Klemas at 732-329-4000 ext. 7496. 

Winston May 21, 2012 at 04:31 PM
hmmm...the more police we hire the more crime increases....is there some correlation?
I am RIGHT May 21, 2012 at 08:04 PM
So you're saying the more police in a town equates to a higher crime rate? Are you accusing the police of something illegal? Otherwise I don't get it.


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