Police Interrupt Early Morning Burglary at Radio Shack

Two Franklin Township teens were charged with an attempted burglary at the Radio Shack on Route 27. One suspect remains at large.

A warrant has been issued for a Franklin Township teenager wanted in connection with an alleged attempted burglary early Friday morning at the Radio Shack on Route 27 near Henderson Road.

At 2:35 a.m. on June 29, Franklin Police Sgt. Kenneth Schwarz was driving on Route 27 when he saw two males wearing gloves in the parking lot of the Radio Shack located in the Kendall Park Shopping Center. The officer believed the two men were casing the store, according to police.

As Schwarz pulled his patrol car into the parking lot, the two suspects began to run in opposite directions, police said. Soon thereafter, several officers from the South Brunswick and Franklin police departments responded to the location. 

Police were able to locate one suspect, a 17-year-old Franklin teenager, who was found hiding behind the Walgreens on Route 27 about 15 minutes after the incident.

Investigators identified the second suspect as Elmer Rodriguez, 18, of Franklin, but Rodriguez was able to elude capture. Authorities issued a warrant on Tuesday for Rodriguez charging him with conspiracy, but he has not yet surrendered.

Police investigators determined the two suspects were planning on using a rock to smash open a Radio Shack store window to steal headphones. 

South Brunswick Chief Raymond Hayducka praised Franklin Police for their assistance in halting the attempted burglary.

“The partnership we share with our neighboring police agencies is evident in this call," Hayducka said via release. “Sgt. Schwarz's keen observations and quick actions prevented a local business from being victimized.”

Elmer Rodriguez August 15, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Okay this elmer rodriguez we was wait for someone to come outside me n my friend was just in front of thw store wasting time i have messages that show the girl telling us to wai outside. We didnt do anything n i turn my self in because i didnt do anything n i went to jail my bail was 10,000 for spmething that i dodnt do its a waste off money i want my rights because this is not fair


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