Four Suspects Charged Following Attempted Break-in at South Brunswick Cosmetic Company

The four men were captured by South Brunswick Police Saturday night.

Nathan Fisler (Photo provided by the South Brunswick Police Department)
Nathan Fisler (Photo provided by the South Brunswick Police Department)
Four men have been charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief after South Brunswick Police captured them as they attempted to break into a cosmetic company on Route 130 Saturday night, police said Wednesday morning.

A resident alerted police to four men in black clothing walking with hand trucks and flashlights along train tracks that border the 72-acre campus of Medicia.

Police on Route 130 arrived within seconds of the call, and the witness called a second time to say the men had run across Georges Road into the Wetherhill Development.

Police located Adam Leedy, 37 of Spotswood, walking on Liberty Drive moments later. Leedy was wearing dark clothing, sweating and explained he was dropped off by a friend and was going for a walk.

Police were able to determine Leedy was one of the four suspects who had arrived at the cosmetics company in a white van in an attempt to break in.

Officers located a white cargo van unoccupied about a quarter mile away in a development off Georges Road. The van was registered to a Manahawkin address and none of the residents in the area were familiar with it.

Officers set up a perimeter as well as surveillance of the van. The New Jersey State Police sent two troopers with K9’s to search the area.

During the search, police located a hole in a fence where some trailers were parked on the property. It appeared the trailers had been broken into.

Police began to inspect the area where they located two more suspects. Nathan Fisler, 27 of Edison, and Marvin Olivares, 18 of Red Bank, were lying face down in high grass near the fence.

The fourth suspect, Orion Jimenez-Reyes, 26 of Highlands, was located near the building.

The suspects were all transported to South Brunswick Police Headquarters and processed. All four suspects were charged with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief. They were all lodged on $30,000 bail.

“The community member provided great detail in his observations of the suspects and their actions. The quick police response and methodical search of the area led to the suspects capture.  These suspects were stopped because of our officers and our partnership with the community,” South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka said.


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