Cops Charge Franklin Park Man With Fifth DUI

William Campbell, who has 10 prior driver's license suspensions and four convictions for driving while under the influence, allegedly led police on a chase and nearly struck a pursuing officer's vehicle twice.

A Franklin Park man with four previous convictions for driving under the influence was arrested last weekend after nearly hitting a police car with his vehicle twice while leading officers on a chase. 

William Campbell, 52, was charged with driving under the influence and eluding after an incident early Saturday morning. 

At 1:30 a.m. Saturday, South Brunswick Police Sgt. Frank Lombardo was headed east on Route 522, while Campbell was headed south on North Umberland Way in a 1994 Ford pickup truck, according to police. Campbell entered the intersection of Route 522 without coming to a stop and nearly rammed into Sgt. Lombardo's marked patrol car, according to police.

Lombardo was then forced to slam on his brakes to avoid colliding with Campbell's truck, police said.

Lombardo attempted to stop the truck, as Campbell allegedly accelerated and struck two curbs while driving through the South Ridge Townhomes development.

Campbell pulled onto New Road and drove east before turning off of New Road into a commercial development and accelerating behind some buildings, police said. Campbell then allegedly made a U-turn and made another attempt at ramming the pursuing officer, but Sgt. Lombardo was again able to get his vehicle out of the way, according to police.

Following the near collision, Campbell pulled up to the rear of one of the commercial buildings, parked his vehicle and stumbled out of the driver’s seat without explanation, police said. Lombardo was then able to arrest Campbell without further incident.

In addition to four prior DUI convictions, Campbell also has 10 driver's license suspensions on his record. Campbell was lodged at the Middlesex County Correction Center in default of $25,000 bail.

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