All South Brunswick Roads Open After 5-Inch Rainfall

All roadways in South Brunswick were reopened Thursday after 5 inches of rain fell, creating widespread roadway flooding.

Roadways that were closed overnight included Route 1, Deans Lane, Blackhorse Lane, Henderson Road, and Riva Avenue, police said.

During the storm, at least three vehicles became trapped in the rushing waters. Drivers of all three vehicles made it out without injury, but their cars may be a total loss. At one point there was 9 feet of water covering a vehicle under the Deans Lane train bridge.

Moderate flooding conditions existed in the Oakdale Mobile Home Park and on Greyhound Court, but no evacuations were necessary.

Chief Raymond Hayducka thanked the team effort with helping the community get through the difficult night.

“The officers, public works staff, and water and sewer employees pulled together to help residents and commuters deal with the significant flooding. Shutting down a major roadway and dealing with widespread flooding is a challenge but our staff did a great job”, said Hayducka.


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