OPINION: Save South Brunswick Area - Stop Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger!

The proposed Comcast-Time Warner cable merger is a set up for disaster for internet users and the nation as a whole. 

This deal, if approved, will give Comcast an unprecedented share of the communications market and create a dangerous set-up for a monopoly and a limited number of choices for consumer broadband access. 

Comcast’s history of high prices and data caps on home use amply demonstrate that this company is not acting in the public interest, nor should anyone expect it to.

Congress and the FCC have a mission to protect our communications infrastructure and its customers. Low priced, unlimited broadband is the key to this nation’s economic viability and future. By narrowing competition in the communications market, such mergers endanger long term national priorities and everyday ratepayers.

Contact the FCC commissioners and Congressman Rush Holt today and encourage them to deny Comcast’s request in the name of the public interest.

Contact info:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Rep. Rush Holt:
Concerned Citizen February 16, 2014 at 12:15 PM
When two businesses compete against each other, that competition helps to keep prices lower. When they combine, the larger business has a monopoly and can raise prices, not having anyone else to keep them in check. However, where do Comcast and TWC compete against each other? Where I live, I can get Comcast's service, but not TWC. I'm guessing that in the TWC region, Comcast isn't available. Isn't it true that the company that installs and maintains the cabling is the sole provider of service? If that's true, how can these two companies compete against each other, and therefore how can the merger of the two create a monopoly, resulting in higher prices? I'm not taking a stand either way, just trying to understand this better.
Joe R February 17, 2014 at 11:10 AM
One of many reasons to stop the "merger" is highlighted by Paul Krugman: "In fact, a number of experts — like Susan Crawford of Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, whose recent book “Captive Audience” bears directly on this case — have argued that the power of giant telecommunication companies has stifled innovation, putting the United States increasingly behind other advanced countries." and "Moreover, there’s good reason to believe that monopoly is itself a barrier to innovation. Ms. Crawford argues persuasively that the unchecked power of telecom giants has removed incentives for progress: why upgrade your network or provide better services when your customers have nowhere to go?"
alibertarianin08824 February 17, 2014 at 06:47 PM
Realize that a "monopoly" can only exist due to the Gooferment interfering with the "free market". And the answer is MORE Gooferment interference? In actuality, they are both dinosaurs. Google's HIGH SPEED metropolitan network is goign to make them obsolete. If anything if all the levels of Gooferment would get out of the way, it might be possible to deploy a private MAN in South Brunswick and reduce Comcast and Verison to options on a high spped fiber ring. No Gooferment needed. No crony capitalism. No regulations! Just completely free market capitalism. Dog eat dog.
Joe R February 17, 2014 at 09:32 PM
I see Mr. libertarian, you are really an anarchist who hates government of any kind. Dog eat dog, survival of the fittest and of the most amoral amongst us. If a corporation pollutes the drinking water beyond repair, it's the government's fault according to your constricted weird view point. What a hateful world is the libertarian "universe."


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