Poll: Where Do You Stand on SOPA

Discussion on the federal legislation before Congress.

An online protest of the is building with Wikipedia blacking out its content on Wednesday, encouraging users to contact legislators on the two bills.

Now before both houses of Congress, SOPA and PIPA aim to curtail piracy and strengthen protection of intellectual property, but opposition says it's at the expense of the free distribution of information and is tantamount to censorship.

We've put up a poll to share your thoughts on the legislation. The full text of the bills can be found online here and here.

Where ever your opinion falls on the subject, to share your thoughts with legislators, though, first determine which legislative district you reside.

New Jersey's two senators are Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez. To contact Lautenberg by email, visit his site here. For Menendez, the contact form is on his site here.


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