POLL RESULT: Landslide for Gov. Christie

A wide majority would support Gov. Christie in a bid for the President of the United States.

Last week, we asked the poll question of whether South Brunswick Patch readers would vote for of America.

The day after the poll was posted, for president in 2012. Standing behind a lecturn in the Statehouse in Trenton, Christie said he believed he owed it to the people of New Jersey to continue as governor. "It's never felt right... to me in my gut to leave here when the job is not finished," he said. "New Jersey, whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me."

In the informal Patch poll over 700 people voted as of Sunday morning, with 550 votes being cast in support of a Christie presidential bid, and 155 votes cast against Gov. Christie. 

Do you agree with the poll results? What are your thoughts on a potential future run at the presidency by Gov. Christie? Tell us in the comments.

Dan October 10, 2011 at 11:47 AM
I'm glad he decided not to run in 2012. Happy to have him stay in NJ, and consider a run in 2016, when he could be much stronger. But he has unfinished business here in NJ.
Joe R October 10, 2011 at 12:52 PM
I find it appalling that so many people have fallen for Christie's trash talk but I do have to admit that he has a NJ kind of charisma for some people. For me, he has all the charisma of a snarling pit bull. It is especially disgusting the way he inflamed class warfare between the public and private sector employees, demonized unions and public sector workers. He's a divider not a uniter. Most governors would brag about a high performing school system such as NJ's. But not CC, he does the opposite of brag, he demeans, debases and degrades the NJ educational system with all his tirades and bombast. Don't complain when NJ schools fall to the lower ranks, don't complain when NJ's infrastructure rots to hell and don't complain when you can't get essential services because Christie has gutted so many essential services departments. It took years before folks realized the damage the other Governor Christie did to NJ by borrowing from the pension fund to give tax breaks to the wealthy.


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