Letter: Vote Azra Baig for South Brunswick BOE

Dr. Tushar B. Patel, Rocky Hill Road, South Brunswick

The South Brunswick School Board election is on Nov. 6, 2012, and I am proud to endorse Azra Baig, Preserve at Princeton Walk resident and my good friend, for one of the candidates for three vacated seats on the school board. 

Born in Ohio and went to public school in Medina, Ohio, Azra was very active in student council and national honor society from the beginning.  She received her nursing degree from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.  Azra worked at Cleveland Clinic in the cardiac and emergency departments. 

She has been a resident of South Brunswick, married and has two daughters in school, one in 10th grade and one in 8th grade.  Both kids went to South Brunswick's elementary schools. 

Azra works at UMCP in the emergency department and she is also a substitute Nurse in the school system.  She has been very active in the PTO and Viking Athletic Club.  Both of her daughters played soccer, basketball and track and field and she supports the sports with a great passion.  They also participated in the band through middle school. 

Azra stays very active in her professional and personal life by dedicating her time in voluntary work and helping others and by working out to stay healthy.  She is on the board of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey. 

Azra will bring lot of experience to the school board where we need some new innovative ideas to tackle fiscal and personnel challenges in 21st century.  We need some positive changes in our schools and status-quo will bring our education system down and ruin the future of hard working parents and student in South Brunswick. 

Azra will represent diversity in the township to include hardworking parents, teachers, programs such as music and sports and she will help build the partnership through different communities to bring our town top in education. 

Dr. Tushar B. Patel

Rocky Hill Road, South Brunswick

Aasia Syed September 21, 2012 at 03:33 AM
I have full confidence that Azra will be an asset to South Brunswick BOE. As an emergency department /cardiology nurse she has experience to handle most critical and challenging situations with skill ,speed, focus,and precision while staying calm being sensitive to patients' needs. As a school nurse she understands children's physical, mental and emotional health issues first hand. As a mother she understands expectations of parents from school board. As Dr. Patel mentions that Azra was also very active in student council during her high school years. Her experience in all these different roles makes her a very well rounded candidate , who would serve on school board with understanding of all aspects of most of the issues and therefore have a very balanced approach. In my opinion she is the most suitable candidate for this position. BOE would be very lucky to have her . I would further add that diversity is always welcome and adds another dimension to this very desirable candidate .
Asma g usmani September 23, 2012 at 08:55 AM
I think Azra Baig would prove to be a great asset to the board of education. She is a parent who is proactive and involved in kids sports and education. She is devoted to whatever she does, and being friends with her I know how much her heart is into it, and for sure she will give valuable time to BOE.
Shamimur Rahman (St.louis,MO.) September 23, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Shamimur Rahman (St.Louis,Mo.) I also think that Azra Baig will be a great asset to the Board of education.(South Brunswick BOE).She is a great parent,nurse,and a wife.I have known the family very well,and her dad is my friend from High school.I have known Azra from childhood.I know what I am talking about,because I have served in the school board,and the board of IFGSTL.
Giancarla Pozzo September 25, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Azra is absolutely amazing. She has the most altruistic nature and wants to do everything to help everyone around her. She is constantly on the go thinking of everyone around her and how to make the world the best place for her children to live! She is willing to try anything from dancing to singing and encourages acceptance and peace amongst all. I would be honored to have her running the BOE in south Brunswick!


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