Letter: South Brunswick Saves Critical Open Space

William Klimowicz, South Brunswick

Not many areas in South Brunswick were able to retain their rural character that is cherished by longtime residents and welcomed by newer residents.

Some of South Brunswick has become unrecognizable - vastly changed as the town developed over the years. Other areas have remained still recognizable. One of them is the residential area of Davidson Mill Rd. 

Although some of the original area farms were engulfed by massive warehousing, the original residential area still survives. Some of the families have been here for generations. Other families are much more recent. But all have strong feelings for an area that is a special blend of open space and environmental importance.   

It is most fortunate that government at all levels has learned what longtime residents knew all along...special places should be saved. Places with environmental importance, places with local history, and places where the rural aspect of South Brunswick's past endures. Not many people realize that our town has a National Natural Landmark - the Pigeon Swamp. 

Some of this land had been previously saved a state park. Land classified as a most critical water resource. South Brunswick officials stepped in to protect over two hundred acres of a locally historic farm. The Van Dyke farm is now a part of this preserved land of the Pigeon Swamp. Our township officials have saved environmentally critical land.    

Two other farms in eastern South Brunswick were also recently saved as open space. Our officials led the way through the complexity in saving such land. About eighty more acres have been added to land that is now protected. One farm has been added to the land of Ireland Brook County Park as it borders this pristine water source.     

It is an arduous task to save open space.  All South Brunswick officials are to be commended for accomplishing such tasks. Their monumental efforts have made a positive difference.  Seemingly insurmountable deeds were accomplished in saving parts of South Brunswick forever.      

The team of Charles Carley, Jospeh Camarota, and Jo Hochman will continue their work in all South Brunswick matters with such efforts. 

William Klimowicz, South Brunswick

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