Letter: Get it Right, Super Bowl in NJ Not NY

John O’Sullivan, Monmouth Junction

“Bridgegate” has drawn New Jersey into the national news.  Watching the news on television has proved very interesting on the accuracy of the reporters and commentators.  

Numerous times I have heard them refer to the NJ House and Senate. Guess what, New Jersey doesn’t have a House branch of the Legislature.  We have a Senate and an Assembly.  A member of the Senate is addressed as Senator. A member of the Assembly is addressed as Assemblyman or Assemblywoman.  

I also find it amazing that there are two New York footballs teams. Both the Jets and the Giants have their home stadium in New Jersey. So why does the news refer to them as New York teams?

And then there are the three New York airports. No one acknowledges that one of those airports is in New Jersey. 

While I can understand a few people missing the state boundary and thinking some New Jersey things are in New York, but wouldn’t you think the new media would have the professionalism to get the geography right and give our great State the respect it deserves?

So in closing I just want to say, guess what guys, the Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey.


John O’Sullivan, Monmouth Junction


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