Oregon Shooting : Will gun violence ever stop?

Oregon shooting : Will gun voilence ever stop?

Another senseless shooting and nothing will done to stop it from happening in future.

Gun lovers will defend the gun giving all kinds of explanations and people will continue to die.

I wonder who actually is benefitting from having Gun available so openly. Is it really protecting anyone?

If every citizen should keep a gun to protect themselves, then why do we have law enforcement?

From what I see, people with unbalanced mind is using it take out their frustration on innocent people. And they choose gun because it is so easily available.

My heart goes out for poor innocent people who for no reason die because of this madness.

Unfornately, I see no end in near future, which is so so so SAD.

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Truthteller December 14, 2012 at 05:45 PM
The question is will violence ever stop. Unfortunately the answer is most likely not.. Your argument does not really hold water about guns unless you are looking to take away many other things. For example many more people are killed by drunk drivers than by guns. Do you want to eliminate bars and alcohol. Do not have the stats but I am betting more people killed and harmed by texting and driving do we do away with cell phones. Your empathy is well placed and we should as a society be upset with this level of violence. One thing that could help with some of the violence is stricter sentences for crimes committed with a gun. True life sentences without parole. Enforcement of current gun laws and serious punishment for dealers that do not abide by the law when selling weapons. All of those are good ideas I doubt any of them will prevent situations like Oregon but when you speak about gun violence these are not where the majority of the violence is they are the headline stories. Better enforcement and stricter punishments all good taking away peoples liberty not good.
Joe R December 16, 2012 at 06:17 PM
We need stricter gun laws NOW. Enough of these slaughters. Make it harder to get a gun, especially these rapid fire guns. The semi-automatics should be banned. I am sick of all these gun apologists who make excuses while innocent children are being slaughtered in their classrooms. Now schools have to devise plans of action and drills if some crazed gunman should invade their school!!! This insanity must stop.
Barney December 17, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Joe R. Get out of your tard cart and smell the fresh air. Only criminals will have the guns. Law abiding people would be defenseless. We can't win the war on drugs, how are you going to do it with guns? Do you get it? Ta ta, Barneylicous
Joe R December 18, 2012 at 02:25 PM
If you can't defend yourself with all the other guns that are available besides semi-automatic guns, then you must have some kind of serious deficiency. After this latest massacre of children, things must be done at long last: ban semi-automatics, ban extended clips or re-instate the assault weapons ban. After that, you can still buy a whole host of guns.


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