Stink Bugs: What Are They Good For?

The insects’ presence has spurred at least one part of the economy.

Stink bugs are an insect that I had yet to hear anyone defend, until I read .

The North American debut of brown marmorated stink bugs (Halyomorpha halys) was first documented in Allentown, back in 1998. Since then, their popularity has spread to at least 36 states. Without causing any significant human illness, injury or hunger, they have stimulated a vibrant industry aimed at thwarting them. -Edwards writes

Edwards argues that the stink bug has spurred part of the economy as people try to remove the insects from their homes and gardens.

At the beginning of May, Safer Brand, a Lancaster County company, introduced a new product called the Stink Bug Magnet that they claim “offers an effective solution to removing a stink bug problem.”

That's just the latest in plenty of products with similar intentions, and a quick online search turns up no reviews for this new product.

Edwards suggests tackling the stink bug issue head on with a dustpan and brush and better sealing your windows and doors. 

Are you happy to watch the stink bug as another interesting part of the wildlife? Do you see the stink bug as an issue? Do you have tips to getting rid of stink bugs in your home or garden?


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