How to Make a Bunny Cake and a Traditional Easter Basket

Gather up the kids to help you make a bunny cake the whole family will love.

With the kids home for spring break this week, you may need something to help keep them occupied. There are only so many Easter eggs you can color, so you may enjoy making this Easter Bunny cake.

It’s easy and very satisfying once you’ve created the little fellow. Honestly, this bunny cake is so adorable; it’s hard to cut it up!  All ingredients can be found at Stop & Shop.

What you’ll need to make two bunnies:

1 box of yellow cake mix (water, eggs, oil)
1 container of white frosting
2 cups of shredded coconut
Jelly beans
Green food coloring
Colored construction paper


Heat oven to 350 degrees (325 for dark pans). Bake and cool cake as directed on the box for two 9-inch round pans.

Using one of the cake layers, cut in half down center of cake.  Put the halves together with frosting, flat side down, to form the body of the bunny.

Cut out a notch about 1/3 of the way up one end of the body in the front to form a small head.  Use one half of the notched out piece of cake to make the bunny’s tail. Attach with frosting. 

Frost the rest of the cake, rounding out the body on the sides.  Sprinkle with one cup of coconut, to make the cake look like it has fur. Cut ears from construction paper, and press into the notched out area on top of the bunny’s head.  Use jelly beans for eyes and nose.

Mix 1 cup of coconut, with 3 drops of food color in a bowl until evenly tinted.  Surround bunny with coconut “grass.” Garnish with additional jelly beans and enjoy!

A Traditional Easter Basket

In my family, the Easter Bunny knows we like a “traditional” Easter basket, full of old-time treats. On the night before Easter, we leave the Easter Bunny a carrot to snack on while he makes his basket delivery.

Yes, he eats it, and, yes, he drops carrot crumbs all over the floor!

The Easter Bunny,  brings everyone in my family, their own basket. And, inside, is a chocolate bunny sitting on top of Easter grass, surrounded by marshmallow Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs.  He wraps up the basket in pink, yellow, or purple cellophane and finishes it off with a big bow on top. 

After the Easter Bunny delivers the baskets, he hides them in the house for all of us to find on Easter Sunday morning.  I, for one, am looking forward to the Easter Bunny’s visit this year. Happy Easter!


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