Thanksgiving Crafts for the Holiday

These DIY Thanksgiving crafts will lend festive fun to your holiday decor.

Before the turkey is in the oven, the dining room table is set and your family is on their way, making Thanksgiving and fall crafts is a fun way to pass the time.

Thanksgiving crafts will keep little hands busy and provide family-friendly fall decor to your home. Try any of these crafts to add fun to your Thanksgiving table.



2 Oreo cookies

1 miniature Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

6 candy corns

1 Whopper

Yellow, red and black small tubes of frosting

1 container chocolate frosting (optional)



1. Take a small amount of frosting (I used chocolate frosting) and place it on one of the Oreos, where the tail feathers will go.

2. Put five candy corn tail feathers on top of the frosting - the frosting will help them stick to the Oreo.

3. Take one miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (unwrapped) and cut off a small chunk (see photo). Add a small amount of frosting to it and stick it to the Oreo. Now add some more frosting to the other side of the Reese's cup and attach the other Oreo cookie to it. It should look like the photo.

4. Add frosting to the Whopper and attach it to the Oreo cookie that has the tail feathers on it.

5. Use the last remaining candy corn to make the turkey's beak. Cut off most of the yellow and orange part of the candy corn, leaving the white for the beak. Use a tiny bit of frosting to attach the beak.

6. Use the red, yellow and black frosting to add eyes and the turkey's wattle neck. 




5 sheets of construction paper

1 cardboard tube (from an empty toilet paper roll)




1. Place the five sheets of construction paper on top of each other. Trace your child's handprint onto the top sheet.

2. Holding all five sheets together, carefully cut the handprint out. 

3. Draw eyes on the cardboard tube. Cut out a small triangle-shaped beak from the leftover construction paper. Glue the beak onto the tube. Cut out a small turkey neck wattle from the paper and glue it to the tube also.

4. Arrange the handprints behind the tube and glue them in place one by one (see photo).




Miniature Nutter Butter cookies

Hershey's Kisses

Miniature chocolate chips

Chocolate frosting


1. Add a small amount of frosting to one side of the Nutter Butter cookie.

2. Attach a Hershey's Kiss to the frosting.

3. Apply a tiny spot of frosting to the other side of the Nutter Butter and attach the miniature chocolate chip to it.

TELL US: Do you have any fun Thanksgiving crafts you make with your kids? Share in the comments below.  


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