SBHS Powder Puff Girls Raise Thousands for Charity

Annual Powder Puff tournament won by junior class.

Powder Puff tournament at South Brunswick High School. Credit: Wasim Baig
Powder Puff tournament at South Brunswick High School. Credit: Wasim Baig
By Matthew Cannon

On Nov. 23, South Brunswick High School held its annual Powder Puff games, run by the Student Council and Class Councils.

Powder Puff is a charity event where the four classes compete in a girls flag football tournament. The charities that the money was raised to support are: The Wounded Warrior Project, The South Brunswick Food Pantry, The Trisomy 18 Foundation and The NJASC-Hero Campaign.

The tournament kicked off with the sophomores playing the seniors in a tight game to the last second. It ended with the seniors nudging out the sophomores with a 2-0 victory.

The next game was the juniors versus the freshmen. The juniors went full steam ahead and beat the freshmen 16-0.

The championship game was a game many were looking forward too, where the senior class played the junior class. The juniors looked like they were going to run away with the game in the second half being up 21-7.  

With 22 seconds left the seniors scored forcing the game to go into overtime. In an exhilarating double over time game the juniors came out on top with the 35-28 win over the senior class.

The games raised a total of $2,900 that was divided up and sent to the charities for donations. $1,000 was donated to The Hero Campaign, $1,000 to The Trisomy 18 Foundation, $500 to The Wounded Warrior Project and $400 to The South Brunswick Food Pantry.


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