Watch Where You Park, This Site Will Call You Out

"You Park Stupid" Facebook page shines light on questionable parking skills.

Needed a caffeine fix at Wawa and the Handicapped space was the closest one to sweet latte luxury? 

You might want to think twice before taking the chance, because a new Facebook page, "You Park Stupid," might just call you out on that decision.

Started by Somerville resident John Flores, who was getting ticked off when he kept seeing the same bad parking job while visiting his father at .

"Some days they were parked OK, but most days they were parked awfully," he said. "I shared photos on my personal wall and got a lot of friends talking about it. That's when the lightbulb went off and the small group started."

Since then, "You Park Stupid" has finger-wagged a number of bad drivers around the state, including a BMW at , Mercedes at , and a Porsche Cayenne at ShopRite in Bernardsville, a photo which caused one visitor to the site to comment, "Is it just me or is there a correlation between the price of the vehicle and the lack of ability to park/drive like a member of society?"

But, it's not luxury autos getting caught. More modest modes of transportation have been cited, including a Toyota Camry in East Hanover, Hyundai Tibouron in Pine Brook, and the recent "If we gave out a 'Dope of the Week' award" award winner, a Volvo that blocked a Mini Cooper in a California parking lot.

"The guy's passenger was still in the parking lot and asked me 'were you parked before us?' I said, 'Yes, I can't get out, how could I have gotten in?'" the poster commented. 

And, what about the BMW at the Starbucks in Madison? Patch reader Stephen Harris, who first informed us of the Facebook page, noted when he posted the pic: "just as I was leaving, one of Madison's finest drove up and he didn't seem too happy ... busted!"

You've been warned, poor parkers.

To visit "You Park Stupid," click here.

Cinnacide May 19, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Also known as Reddit.com
catherine May 20, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Well look at it this way, some parking is unjustified...but in my case I DO plan to in the future at work (with 100's of spots) park on the line and not in between to give me more space to open the door. I have to tell you that I am sick and tired of irresponsible drivers just opening their doors like #$%^ and dinging my car left and right..not to mention the $%^& who ran into the side of my car and totalling it. Now it will cost me $5000 plus to fix. So yes, I am fed up, and if I can keep space in between I will. :(


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