Top 10 Companies Hiring Part-Time Workers

Here's a list of companies hiring part-time workers this week. Provided by AOLJobs.com.

Written by Mariya Pylayev for AOLJobs.com.

While the economy has struggled and full-time positions have become harder to find, employers have been busy hiring part-time workers. Whether you're looking for the flexibility of a part-time schedule or just to bring in extra money, there are thousands of part-time jobs available now.

Here are the 10 companies with the most part-time positions posted this week on CareerBuilder (an AOL Jobs' sponsor): 

1. Vector Marketing Jobs: 4,330 part-time openings.

Vector Marketing of Olean, N.Y., is the domestic sales arm of the cutlery company, Cutco, which sells knives and other implements nationwide. Vector offers part-time, full-time and temporary sales jobs, including summer work, and says that experience in sales isn't required.

Employee Review: "The pay, flexibility, environment were all outstanding."*

2. Avon Independent Sales Jobs: 2,556 part-time openings.

Avon is an international cosmetics and beauty care company known for its door-to-door sales business model. Avon's "independent sales consultants" can work from home and according their own schedules.

Employee Review: "It's an amazing opportunity to see how it is to own your own business."

3. Acosta Sales and Marketing: 1836 part-time openings. 

This food-focused sales and marketing company has grown enormously over the last few decades, from its Jacksonville, Fl. home into a nationwide chain in almost every major city with over 30,000 employees. Associates complain that there's little room for personal ladder-climbing, but rave about the flexible hours.

Employee Review: "Independence. Working without supervision. Flexibility schedule. Ability to pick up extra hours/projects.... Good 401k match."*

4. MarketSource Jobs: 1,419 part-time openings.

The Alpharetta, Ga.-based sales and marketing company provides services to over 200 companies worldwide. MarketSource offers assisted sales, outsourced sales, training and advocacy, and marketing advantage solutions.

Employee Review: "Great company, with a phenomenal culture. Can't speak any higher of it. Best 3PL company to work for out there."*

5. Macy's: 1,385 part-time openings.

The iconic department store is going strong after over 150 years of business, selling mid-price to high-end brands at some 800 locations across the country. It's headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio, but its flagship store is in the heart of Manhattan, N.Y.

Employee Review: "The discount (20%) on items is nice and they're good about working with your schedule if you're part-time. I had another job at the time, so they delivered on their promise of only scheduling me for 19 hours each week and only 4 days a week."*

6. Ignite Restaurant Group: 769 part-time openings. 

Joe's Crab Shacks is the flagship brand of this casual restaurant company, with 134 across the U.S., in addition to 186 Romano's Macaroni Grills and 16 Brick House Taverns & Taps. Headquartered in Houston, Tex., IRG is growing steadily, with new Joe's and Brick House Taverns, and a major revitalization of Romano's underway (including a new ad campaign).

Employee Review: "Working at Joe's for a seafood lover in one word terrific.Great quality and quantity in both customer and food service."*

7. Murphy USA: 826 part-time openings.

Murphy USA is a subsidiary of the Murphy Oil Corp., an international oil and gas company. Based in El Dorado, Ark., the petroleum company's main function is to market high-volume, low-cost gasoline in the United States. Murphy USA-branded gasoline stations can be found in 23 states at Walmart Supercenters and Murphy Express locations.

Employee Review: "Outstanding work environment. Friendly and enthusiastic employees."*

8. Bayada Home Health Care Jobs: 752 part-time openings.

Bayada provides nursing, therapy, hospice and other kinds of health care in the home. The health care company serves 25 states and is headquartered in Moorestown, N.J.

Employee Review: "I love that Bayada allows me to focus on the positive things in life. This is a career where I am encouraged and rewarded to give the best one on one care that I can provide. Nursing is more than a profession, it's a calling and at Bayada I can be the nurse and give the care I always dreamed."*

9. RGIS Jobs: 517 part-time openings.

RGIS provides inventory services for companies such as grocery stores that want an economical alternative to in-house storage. Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich., the company has offices in the United States and internationally.

Employee Review: "Friendly people, easy work, decent pay. Excellent summer job for a teenager or college student. Great job if you are looking to supplement your income."*

10. 84 Lumber: 362 part-time openings. 

The country's largest private building materials retailer sells lumber and drywall through over 260 stores across the U.S. Over 57 years, this company has grown a lot from its start as a cash-and-carry lumber yard in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania.

Employee Review: "The income potential is high for outside sales persons and anyone with a head on their shoulders, a sense for economics, the gift of gab and a strong back can go from rags to not so raggedy with 84."*

* Employee reviews from the employment review site Glassdoor.
Ellen Burke August 01, 2013 at 12:22 PM
Please don't promote Cutco. They go after college-aged students and promise them things that will never happen. They want people to cold-call family members and friends to set up sales appointments for outrageously priced merchandise. Don't encourage these people.


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