Eno Terra Named One of New Jersey's Top 25 Restaurants

Popular Kingston eatery named to New Jersey Monthly's list of the top 25 restaurants in the state.

Kingston's upscale Italian-inspired eatery  was named this week to New Jersey Monthly's list of the top 25 restaurants in New Jersey

Eno Terra uses local produce, meat and fish to supply fresh ingredients and to support the local community. In addition to its large selection of gourmet meals, it also has an array of wine and desserts.

Despite the  which caused Eno Terra for nearly a month, the work of renowned Executive Chef Christopher Albrecht helped put the restaurant on the map for New Jersey cuisine. 

In it's write-up for Eno Terra, New Jersey monthly wrote:

In thrashing New Jersey last August, Hurricane Irene flooded the basement of Eno Terra and closed the restaurant for 24 days. Not until Thanksgiving was it able to offer its full menu. The ordeal knit the staff closer and heightened their commitment to executive chef Chris Albrecht’s vision of an Italian-influenced cuisine focused on what he calls “a taste of place.” Perhaps that’s just another way of saying fresh, local, seasonal and farm-to-table (a phrase chefs are sick of even as they do it more). So almost 200 different kinds of fruit and produce flow during the course of the year into Eno Terra’s larder from its now two acres at Canal Farm down the road. A direct pipeline to fishermen is introducing fresher specimens and more varied species to the sparklingly executed menu. “People often look at us as a special-occasion restaurant,” says Albrecht. “I really want to stress that you can come in and enjoy us any number of ways that are value driven.” 

Eno Terra is located at 4484 New Jersey 27 in Kingston. Visit www. enoterra. com/ for more information.

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