Fresh Faces: Alyssa Kirsch

Get to know Alyssa Kirsch, an aspiring chemical engineer who just finished her freshman year at Cornell University. She jumped into activities at Cornell like the Ecology House, Kesher (Hillel’s Reform Jewish Group), Cornell Pep Band, and working for Cornell Catering. She greatly enjoyed her time at school, but is looking forward to a new adventure in the fall. Take a look at our one-on-one interview!

Patch: In three words, how would you describe your freshman year experience?

AK: fresh, gorges and exciting


Patch: What was a highlight of your involvement at Cornell?

AK: Living in the Ecology House. It’s a program house at Cornell where you live with people of all years who are interested in ecology and the environment. It’s a really fun community to live in. We have committees and programs focused on the environment and sustainable living. It’s awesome!


Patch: How many times did you come home over the year?

AK: Only twice—once for fall break and once for winter break. My parents came up twice too, for family weekend and a ski trip. During spring break I went to Boston and New Hampshire with seven of my new best friends from the Ecology House. Our trip sounded like more fun than coming home and it was!


Patch: What are you up to for the summer?

AK: I’m back in South Brunswick for the summer, working at the new Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville and I’m also umpiring, mostly travel baseball games.


Patch: What’s it like being home since you’ve been away for a year?

AK: I think it’s strange to be home. It kind of feels like you never left. I grew up here so it feels like there’s so much history here, but it’s as if I’m now a different person in that history.


Patch: What are you looking forward to in the upcoming year?

AK: I’m looking forward to going to Israel actually! I will get to learn Hebrew and explore the humanities. I’ll also be working on some environmental projects and living on a kibbutz.


Patch: What made you decide to go to Israel?

AK: It is hard to travel in my major and it’s difficult to take many classes outside of math and science, so this is an awesome opportunity for me to do those things. After the year I’ll be returning to Cornell to finish my degree!


Patch: Any advice you can offer to high school graduates as they head off to college this fall?

AK: My best advice would be to go to as many random events on campus as possible, because there are some many fun things out there! Like Chinese New Year parties, Contra-dancing, Humans Vs. Zombies, Murder Mystery Desserts, and so much more. Going to these events is a fun break from studying and your normal routine. Just break out of your regular activities and do something random! 


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