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Coyote Killed off Quaker Road in Princeton Not Rabid

Princeton's Animal Control Advisory Committee plans to unveil an education program for residents over the next year.

The aggressive coyote that was spotted on Quaker Road last month and shot by Princeton Police did not test positive for rabies, Princeton Council President Bernie Miller said on Monday. 

The animal's remains were tested at a state health facility. 

It was Dec. 16 when a resident of Quaker Road notified police of a coyote that was growling at people and appeared disoriented. 

According to police, the coyote was found in the woods just off Quaker Road and killed at the direction of animal control and health officials. 

Even though the animal was not rabid, Miller believes shooting the coyote was the most prudent course of action. 

"The coyote was behaving strangely," said Miller, a member of Princeton's Animal Control Advisory Committee. "The animal control officer saw it, the police saw it, citizens saw it."

The Animal Control Advisory Committee plans to unveil an education program this year to help residents living among coyotes. 

"The important thing is to learn how to deal with the coyotes, they're here to stay," Miller said. 


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