Community Cars to Provide New Transportation Options in South Brunswick

Community car service for seniors to arrive in 2012.

April 2012 will find a Community Car available throughout South Brunswick.  Planned in cooperation with the Township, Meadowlink and the Aging In Place PARTNERSHIP this new service will help fill the gaps between public transportation on Routes 27 and 130 and the Senior Busing between homes and the South Brunswick Senior Center.

The Community Car is conceived as an in-town service not a source for long extended trips. It is designed to be flexible, serve as a source for independent living and provide options. Reservations require 24 hours advance notice.  In order to participate individuals are required to register annually with MeadowLink for a fee of $15.  Registration forms can be found at the Senior Center, Charleston Place, OakWoods, the Library or by contacting AIPP.  They are also available on line.

Volunteer drivers are needed to drive the MeadowLink cars who also provide the insurance, the gas and the maintenance. Parking for the Community Car will be in Woodlot Park.  It is easy to become a driver.

You need only sign up for a 4 hour stint at a date(s) and time(s) to fit your schedule. Of course you need a good driver’s history, be over the age of 21 and enjoy meeting new people and serving friends and neighbours. The more drivers, the greater the scheduling choices.

With this new service South Brunswick residents, especially those who don’t drive or are contemplating driving less will have found a new, affordable, accessible way of looking at life - freeing them from a sense of isolation, choosing where to go rather than bound by limited scheduled services, able to socialize when and how and on their terms. It will open up a whole new way to live a good life and age in place.

With the New Year approaching be sure to make this important resolution. REGISTER AS A RIDER AND/OR REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY CAR DRIVER. They could be the most important resolutions of a lifetime.

Want more information?  Contact Jacque@AgingInPlacePARTNERSHIP.org. Or call 732-305-7079.

Winston January 03, 2012 at 12:50 PM
More wasted taxpayer money! The SB bus system is a failure and the township refuses to disclose the daily ridership numbers. These programs are no more than "feel good accomplish nothing" programs designed to pander to senior citizens.
Bobby Moore January 04, 2012 at 02:53 AM
So I guess you won't be a volunteer driver then... And SB doesn't run the bus system, Middlesex County does. and more importantly most of these elderly drive programs are funded by aginginplacepartnership.org not your property taxes. Next you'll tell us that school buses are a waste of tax dollars and kids should just walk to school.
Winston January 04, 2012 at 03:57 AM
Bobby...you either must be new in town, misinformed or someone bent on spewing out misinformation to hide the bloated services and inefficiencies of our town... It seems South Brunswick does have a bus program... http://www.nj.com/news/local/index.ssf/2009/10/south_brunswick_gets_another_g.html http://southbrunswick.patch.com/articles/township-brief-new-senior-citizen-shuttle-bus-service-in-south-brunswick Hmmmm...according to the the SB Township Department of Transportation there are multiple bus and shuttle routes RUN and Paid for by the township  http://www.twp.south-brunswick.nj.us/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC=%7B26A83355-FDBB-42A5-AB65-47F1393BEAAD%7D&DE=%7BC5C08F3D-ABB8-4A37-A130-89D87C937DBB%7D
Bobby Moore January 05, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Is that a bus system or elderly care transport? But I guess it doesn't make a difference to you who think older folks should just stay home and die. No need for them to shop for food or go to the doctor. That's just pandering to them... I think personally that's why we pay taxes, and hope when I'm old enough to need it and have vision issues and can't drive that there is a eldercare option for transportation. Good on our Senator for helping us get that grant. and BTW the real bus lines are run by the county.


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